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Wanna know where the WVWriterGirl hangs out?  Here's the list of the websites I visit most often.

Absolute Write

Absolute Write, edited and managed by renowned author Jenna Glatzer, is a wonderful place for writers of every ilk to find useful information, helpful writing critiques and maybe even a few friends.

Constant Content is a great site for new writers to "get their feet wet" in the world of freelance article writing.  Respond to requests for content by writing articles or write articles that reflect your own knowledge and interests. 

Preditors and Editors

If you're looking for that perfect agent or publisher, check for them on Preditors and Editors first!  Dave Kuzminski, owner and editor of the site, provides useful information when you're on the hunt for an agent or publisher.  With Preditors and Editors, you're sure to find the low-down on that prospective agent or publisher.

I check this website every Sunday to see the new postcards that have been posted.  They can be quite interesting; they range from the lewd to the heartbreaking and from infuriating to hopeful.

Here are a list of links to friends' pages and some links to fellow AbsoluteWriters:
Ted Williams Gross - Fellow AW'er

For an author, writing should be like breathing; the writer has no choice.
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