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Writer's Links

Here are a few specialized links for writers looking for information to help them better their craft.
Kurt Vonnegut's "Rules For Writers" can be found in the author's introduction for his work Bagombo Snuff Box: Uncollected Short FictionThey can be found here.
Ralan's Webstraviganza has a host of markets for your short speculative fiction pieces.  There's also a lot of good information for's a great site to poke around on!
Need the correct spelling, meaning or synonym?  Try, where you'll find a complete dictionary, thesaurus, and other reference materials.  There's also a few free word games, too, for when your..."thinking"...
This website offers quick examples of MLA citation styles for when you're writing non-fiction, such as articles or essays. 
Writerisms and other Sins:  A Writer's Shortcut to Stronger Writing by C. J. Cherryh contains a wealth of information concerning what she calls "Writerisms", defined by her as "overused and misused language. In more direct words: find 'em, root 'em out, and look at your prose without the underbrush. " 
If you're a fantasy writer like me, take a look at Lawrence Watt-Evans' Watt-Evans' Laws of Fantasy (and more).  It's incredibly insightful and informative, and makes quite a few good points about what makes good fantasy stories and characters.  Take a look around the site - there's lots of good information to be found about world building, characterization, writing in general, angents, publishers, contracts...nearly every facet of writing and publishing fantasy tales.
Author Holly Lisle has a really nice website, showcasing her own works as well as some really good advice for struggling new writers and the seasoned professional as well.  Her style is relaxed and personable, and I find myself reading article after article, over and over.  Check it out!

Helpful Books for Writers

I have developed what I call my "Writer's Bookshelf"; a collection of books I keep on my desk in case I need them while I'm writing.  The shelf is ever-changing, but currently, the books I have there are:
The Norton Anthology of English Literature, FIfth Edition, Abrams, Donaldson, David, Smith, Lewalski, et. al.
The Gunslinger, The Dark Tower I, Stephen King (for inspirational purposes)
 Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, Edition 17, F. A. Davis Co., Editors
Harbrace College Handbook, Eleventh Edition, Whitten, Horner, Webb.
Elements of Style, Fourth Edition,  Strunk and White
On Writing, Stephen King
Your Novel Proposal:  From Creation to Contract, Camenson & Cook
Jeff Herman's Guide to Book Publishers, Editors & Literary Agents, 2004 Edition
Writer's Market, 2004 Edition

Other Useful Information

Here, you'll find inter-site links to useful information I've uncovered about writing through either outside sources (used with their permission) or through my own experience.

For an author, writing should be like breathing; the writer has no choice.
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