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Stories of Strength anthology from the members of the Water Cooler!
100 percent of the proceeds to go to disaster relief charities, including the Red Cross, Americares, and the Salvation Army for victims of Hurricane Katrina and victims of other hurricanes in the 2005 season.
This impressive volume will contain essays about all the different aspects of strength, and will include essays from well-known authors such as Orson Scott Card, Wil Wheaton and Robin Lee Hatcher.
...And me!
Book information:
Stories of Strength
Editor/Publisher: Jenna Glatzer
Publishing services provided by Lulu
ISBN: 1-4116-5503-6
Release date:  November 1, 2005
316 pages
Price: $15.95
6.0 x 9.0 in., Perfect-bound, 60# cream interior paper, black and white interior ink, 100# white exterior paper, full-color (CMYK) exterior

WVWriterGirl with her progeny.

Writing is like breathing, and words are the air.

The decision to become a writer is not an easy one.  For years, I lived a simple life, working and helping to support my family in the "normal" way - a morning-to-afternoon job that took most of my time and all of my energy.  For me, though, that simply was not enough.  I needed a chance to do what I love, put words on paper in an entertaining fashion, and to express myself creatively.  In July 2005, I made the "great leap"; I quit my job to be a full-time writer and stay-at-home mom.
I am now developing both the fiction and non-fiction aspects of my writing.  I prefer to write in the genres of fantasy and horror, but I have been experimenting with dark fantasy (a combination of fantasy and horror) and with a little humor.  I've also been sharpening my non-fiction article and essay talons, hoping to broaden my talents and appeal to editors in both the fiction and non-fiction markets.

What I'm Working On Right Now:

Short Stories:
Hostage Negotiations - satirical, humorous fantasy piece.
Longer works & novels:
The Cona'Doar Chronicles:  Of Gods and Children - "In process" since 2003, this is my first fictional "long work".
The Cona'Doar Chronicles:  Book II, Untitled - I've been struggling with this one for a while now.  Can't get it rolling, but I'll keep plugging away on it!
Stone Carver's Son - New long-form work in the beginning stages.
The Mark or maybe The Mark of the Maker - I haven't decided on this title yet.  Another long-form work in the beginning stages..

Keep an eye on me with my blog, "WVWriterGirl - The Daily Word Count"

Ye Olde Update Tracker:
Added new link on the "Writer's Resources" page.
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Added my first publishing credit to the "Credits and Awards" page!  Whoo hoo!
Moved my blog from Blogspot to a Tripod blog, so the link for the blog will now take you somewhere completely different.  Take a look at my blog, leave your comments and what-have-you.  I'm always eager to hear what people have to say!
Added the "Just For Fun" page.
Added a new link on the "Writer's Resources" page.
Added a new link on the "Writer's Resources" page.  Also added a counter (*yay*).
While I left enough of them up for a "teaser", I took down the samples of my short pieces that were posted in their entirity. 
Added new page, "Credits and Awards".  It's quite empty now, but, well, we'll see about filling it up.
Added new page, "Resources for Writers", with some helpful information and resources.  A few books, a few writer's links, and a little information from me.  Navigation bar at left will have the handy-dandy link!
Also added a link to my blog, "WVWriterGirl - The Daily Word Count".

For an author, writing should be like breathing; the writer has no choice.
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